Ideas Have People – Center


The full release of an electronic album written and recorded over the fall/winter of 2017. The music on this album ended up being the foundation for an electro-classical ensemble project which has been my primary musical focus for close to the past year.

From the liner notes:

For a long time I didn’t appreciate electronic music. How could sounds generated on a computer or drum machine ever compare to the raw emotion of Coltrane or Hendrix? Fortunately some patient friends introduced me to artists that opened my ears up to the possibilities that making music with carefully controlled electrical currents provides.

This album is my attempt to interpret the sounds that persuaded me to hear electronic music in a new way and to appreciate sounds that can be so unnatural and yet still very comforting or even catchy.

There’s a couple of ideas that I did my best to weave through the songs on this album. The first is an attempt to create an illusion of sounds that are implied, but not heard. Notes between the notes and rhythms between the beats. I feel Signals best captures this concept. My hope is that as you listen, you catch on to the hidden melodies that your own imagination creates.

The second concept here is about distillation. The music on this album is the result of many layers of sounds being dissolved and distorted into something new, something that only resembled my original intentions, but yet have a life all its own.



released October 19, 2018

all songs written, recorded and mixed by Adam Ploof

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