Stacking Loops

One of the things that inspired me to start experimenting with electronic music was the potential to create full productions in the moment. This can take different forms, but for me the idea of laying down beats, stacking loops and mixing it all live was especially exciting. Watching and listening to musicians who were able to create music spontaneously and with apparent ease definitely got me thinking about getting into synthesis and electronic music. It was probably this video that convinced me to check out the Novation Ultranova which eventually became my first synthesizer.

Live beats with UltraNova and Launchpad | Part 2 from Andrew Ponochovnyi on Vimeo.

Once I got myself set up with a synth, a DAW and a midi controller it was time to figure out how to make music in the moment. After some initial experimenting and a good deal of time watching tutorials on the internet, I eventually figured out how to lay down loops, play beats and mix in the moment. Fortunately, I ended up recording one of the first sessions I had on that small blue synth. It’s now several years later since I recorded it, but I’ve got to say that, to me, it still sounds pretty good for a live looping performance. In the interest of full disclosure, I do seem to recall that after it was recorded I went back and redid a couple of bars that didn’t come out quite right, but the majority was in fact played and mixed live.

Here’s the track from that early session which was recorded in a cramped studio apartment with the synth on the floor and speakers propped up on cardboard boxes. Good times!

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